You will find the last news here. All activities (classes, shows, exhibitions, Dj activities)  are listed under Agenda . For more information contact Marcela: or through mailform.


 7 - 9 May 2024: TANGO ESSENTIALS WEEK III, with guest teacher Rafael Rafa Baere

30 April 2024 : Starting date for drop in / open classes at La T

9 January 2023:  Starting date Summer 2024 season at La T

17 . 21  October 2023: TANGO ESSENCIALS WEEK II . with guest teacher Andres Tanguito Cejas.

20 July 2023: LA T TANGO MALMÖ starts a new season on Tuesday 15 August.

  • TUESDAYS:  LA T MILONGA + OPEN CLASSES ( Milonga/ Vals /Tango)
    • Venue:  Ungdomens Hus,  Torpgatan 21, Malmö
    • INFO
  • WEDNESDAY: LA T PRACTICA + COURSES (Tango Technique & Double Role)
    • Venue: Sofielunds Folkets hus, Rolfsgatan 16, Malmö
    • INFO
  • THURSDAYS: LA T COURSES ( Tango Basics, Milonga, Tango Evolution)


 18 July 2023: TANGO TRIP TO BUENOS AIRES 3- 17 JANUARY 2024

  • Milongas, Workshops with top level teachers, daily sightseeing in town & surroundings, Tango shopping tour, cultural experiences, meeting locals ... Full time guided by argentinean tango teacher/dancer Marcela Troncoso, with more than 13 years organizing Tango Trips, speaking Swedish, English, Spanish
  • INFO


TANGO ESSENTIALS  week at La T with Guest argentinean teacher Luis Angel Rojas.

  • 2 - 6 May 2023  - Malmö Sweden
  • Classes - workshops: 2-3-4-5 May
  • Dance show Marcela Troncoso - Luis Angel Rojas, at Klubb Baires event with Tipica Andariega orchestra and singer Marisol Martinez. 
  • Info: La T site
  • contact / registration to classes:


La T Tango Malmö, Premiere milonga of the year 2023 already in January!

  • LA T MILONGA starts on Tuesday 10 January. LA T PRACTICA starts on 15 March.
  • Info: La T site
  • contact:


Tango Trip to Buenos Aires: 3 - 17 January 2023:


Courses in Helsingborg starts on 12 March 2022, organized by Tangorama Association


LA T MILONGA starts a new season on TUESDAYS at Ungdomens hus on  1 March 2022    --------------  LA T PRACTICA  starts a new season on WEDNESDAYS at Sofielunds Folkets hus on 2nd March.

  • Updated info about classes, Milonga and Practica, schedule, fee, and venues at La T website


LA T PRACTICA, a new concept on WEDNESDAYS, at Sofielunds Folkets hus, from 6 October 2021

  • with 2 solo training classes ( Technique/Ornaments  and Repertoire/ Rhythmic patterns)  and PRACTICA  assisted by teacher, to help you/ answering your questions
  • Venue: Sofielund Folkets Hus, Rolfsgatan 16, Malmö
  • More info here


LA T MILONGA is BACK  on TUESDAYS,  at its original venue Ungdomens Hus, from 5 October

  • with 2 classes ( Milonga & Vals  and Tango) in couples, and 2 set milonga
  • Venue: Torpgatan 21, Malmö
  • More info:  here


Courses in Helsingborg, organized by Tangorama Association, starting on 25 September: 6 classes course


Intensive courses, 6 weeks on Thursdays, starting on 9 September at La T milonga Malmö

  • Check at Classes 2021/Courses Malmö to get more info
  • 9 September - 14 November


Two very special activities related to Malmö Pride 2021

- Check under Agenda for classes, Djing at special events under Malmö Pride


August 2021 at La T

- Following new more flexible recommendations, now you do not longer need to register, nor to classes neither to milonga. Allowance has been raised by authorities to 50 persons. We recommend to follow all Folkhälsomindygheten recommendations. 


July- August 2021: On Fridays Camarin association invites with open air milonga. All tango community dances there! 

  • Venue: round plattan by Konsthallen in Malmö, Fridays 19.00 - 22.00
  • In case of raining: Tk studio, Malmö


19 May 2021: La T milonga moves  to a new venue

La T now on Wednesday at Sofielunds Folkets Hus, Rolfsgatan 16, Malmö. 2 classes and 2 set milonga with limited places, and registration in advance to all activities. 

Read more at La T milonga website


11 April 2021: Special discount price in  Tango classes for couples booking in April.



- Book  until 30 April . Just available for couples.  Package price last for a certain period (check on Private classes)


9 April 2021: Starting  classes 2021

On 12 April we will start with tango classes, that you may join alone or  in couples. 

This year we recommend to attend with your own partner because of the pandemic.

We will offer all year around SPECIAL DISCOUNTS IN  CLASSES that will be announced here and all Media ( FacebookInstagram and Twitter)


11 August 2020:  Update About covid 19

La T milonga starts today with 2 classes  to all levels, alone or with own partner,  and milonga afterwards. Only 24 persons  may participate. No changing partner. 

Register in advance to, or by phone/sms/WhatsApp 0735 827978 to secure your place. We allow no register participants if place left. 

We follow the recommendations of Folkhälsomyndigheten (Swedish Public Health Agency)

Just now all changing couples classes are cancelled. Only group classes at La T milonga on Tuesdays are held. 


30 June 202o: Summer holidays whole July month until 11th August

Today 30 June we have the last edition of the season. Now we will have summer holiday during July. No private neither group classes. Tuesday milonga at La T starts on 11 August.


15 March 2020:  A new concept is born! ...BE SAFE & DO TANGO

Due to the pandemic, we decide to cancel Tuesday milonga, and replace it by three classes open to all levels.

BE SAFE & DO TANGO starts on 17 March.

You train and dance  alone. In order to guarantee 2 meters distance between persons, we allow only 15 persons in the dance floor at the same time

  • Schedule for the classes:
    • 17.30: Tango technique
    • 18.30: Tango Ornaments
    • 19.30: Musicality through patterns.

Every Tuesday we will work in an specific thematic announced in advance 


Info in Facebook


11 February 2020: Premiere of the season at La T milonga

Today 11 February we will have the first edition of the year at La T milonga.




20 August 2019: Classes cancelled from 25 August

UPDATE: All classes are cancelled between 25 August  and 20 October 2019  because of health related situation


10 January 2019 : Classes cancelled from 28 January

All classes are cancelled between 28 January  and 12 May 2019 because of health related situation











  • 9 January. Starting date for regular courses, beginners, intermediate and advanced level, in Malmö on Mondays.
  • 24 January: Premier  of La Milonga del Barrio, arranged by Marcela Troncoso and Luis Cono, in Garaget, Lönngatan 30, Malmö, from 20.00 till 01.00.
  • 24 January/ 4 February:  Prova på tango: introductory free tango class,  in Lund, Loftet Lund, Stora Gråbrödersgatan 13 2 vån, 19.15- 20.15
  • 4 February: Starting date for Regular courses in Lund Loftet vuxenskolan, in cooperation with Ruben Marin from Tango Malevo. Ten classes course, once a week every Thursday, in beginners and intermdediate-advance level.
  • 7 February: year's first Milonga de los Pibes, arranged by Marcela Troncoso and Juanjo Passo, twice a season in Barnens Scen, Folkets Park, Malmö, from 20.00 till 02.00.  Concert with Tipica Tangarte orchestra and then Milonga with live music from the orchestra and DJ.
  • 28 February: Second edition of Milonga del Barrio in Garaget, Malmö.
  • 6 March: special class and show with Victor Hugo Diaz, and Tipica Tangarte Orchestra in Medborgerhuset, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 9 March - 24 April: Travelling to Argentina
  • 13 April: Performance  in Cumbre Mundial del Tango, Bariloche , Argentina, with Alberto Goldberg.
  • 14 April: tango show in Cumbre Mundial del Tango, Bariloche, Argentina, with Alberto Goldberg and Tipica Tangarte Orchestra.
  • 27 April: Starting date for Regular courses (beginners, intermediate and advance level) in Malmö on Mondays. (8 classes courses until 15 June)
  • 30 April: Third edition Milonga del Barrio in Malmö, in cooperation with Tango Sofielunds.
  • 10 May: Prova på tango: free introductory tango class, at Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg.
  • 15 May: Starting date for Tango course in Höör, open to all levels, six classes, once a week every Friday from 18.30 till 20.00.
  • 30 May: Fourth edition Milonga del Barrio in Malmö
  • 6 June: second edition Milonga de los Pibes in Barnens Scen, Folkets Park, Malmö, in cooperation with Juanjo Passo. Tipica Tangarte plays concert and then for dancing. There will be a tango class for all levels  from 19.00 till 20.00 and a Tango market with Tango souvenirs on sale. Milonga runs until 02.00
  • 13 June - 14 June: Intensive week end courses in Malmö in cooperation with Ruben Marin, from Tango Malevo. Thematic: Colgadas and volcadas, Milonga.
  • 11-20 July: Travelling to Barcelona and Sitges, Spain.
  • 17-18 July: Special classes in Women Technique in International Tango Festival of Sitges
  • 25 July: Performance at Dunkers Kultuhus, Helsingborg with Ruben Marin
  • 15 August: Special Tango night organized in cooperation with Camarin tango association, at Malmö Festivalen. Class between 21.00 and 22.00. Milonga from 22.00 till 01.00. Tangarte quinteto plays for dancing. DJ: Marcela.
  • 16 August: Prova på tango: free introductory class at Malmö Festivalen in cooperation with Tango Malevo, from 18.30 till 19.30
  • 25 August: Starting date for La Orillera Tango Practica, Torpgatan 21, Malmö. thematic class between 19.30-20.30, Practica till 22.30
  • 27-31  August: travelling to Berlin.
  • 2 September: Prova på Tango: free introductory class for Regular courses in Loftet Vuxenskolan, Lund, in cooperation with Ruben Marin.
  • 6 September: Season's Premier  Loftet milonga, Hedmanska garden, Lilla Torget,  Malmö. Class every Sunday from 17.00 till 19.00 and milonga until 23.00.
  • 9 September: Prova på Tango: free introductory class for Regular courses in Loftet Vuxenskolan, Lund, in cooperation with Ruben Marin. Starting date for 10 classes regular courses (beginners, and intermediate -advance level)
  • 10-14 September: travelling to Paris
  • 17 September: Vernissage Art exhibition with other  artists from Malmö at Sofielunds Folkets Hus.


  • 19 September: Vernissage Art Exhibition with other artists from Skåne at Lunds Library.
  • 19 September: Performance with Ruben Marin at Lund's Kulturnatten, in Lunds Library.
  • 21 September: Starting date in  Regular courses in  Malmö. Eight classes course, once a week, every Monday, in two different levels (beginners, intermediate-advanced)
  • 25 September: Starting date in  Regular courses at Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg. Seven classes course in Street tango, Beginners, and Intermediate-advanced.
  • 26 September: Starting date for Regular tango course in Abbekås, open to all levels. Six classes course, once a week, every Saturday from 10.15 till 11.45.
  • 1-8-15 October: three classes intensive course in Milonga Lisa, in Malmö,  on Thursdays 18.00-19.30
  • 22-29 October/ 5 November: three classes intensive course in Milonga Traspie, in Malmö, on Thursdays 18.00 - 19.30
  • 23 October: Workshops and Show in Gothemburg with Orlando Farias from Argentina.
  • 24 October: Show in La Milonga Malena, Garaget Malmo with Orlando Farias from Argentina.
  • 24-25 October: Workshops in Garaget and Sofielunds Folkets Hus, Malmo with Orlando Farias from Argentina.


  • 4 November: Performance at Planeta festivalen, Gothemburg.
  • 12-19-26 November: three classes intensive course in Vals, in Malmö, on Thursdays 18.00 -19.30
  • 13 November: workshops and show in Fensmark, Denmark, with Orlando Farias from Argentina.
  • 16-23-30 November: three intensive classes course in Women Technique, in Malmö, on Mondays 18.30 - 20.00
  • 16-23-30 November: three intensive classes course in  Milonguero style, in Malmö, on Mondays 20.00 -21.30..
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