Social Pictures


                     with J. C. Copes Sevilla  2005               with Luis Stazo,  in Malmö


                      with Tipica Imperial, dinner at home 2006


               Teaching Sitges Festival Spain 2004   With Gloria & Eduardo  Bs. As. 2006


                    Dj in Helsinborg   2006      Organizer Milonga del Parque Sweden 2006


          with Julio & Corina. Niño Bien 2004    working in Tarbes Festival France 2005


            Tangarte,Norrlands Opera,Sweden 2006    My expo Vernissage Malmö 2004


            La Virulana, tango dance  group, Bs. As.   My brother, the best in the world


                Show/Expo Salamanca University, Spain 2005    Barcelona friends 2004 


                  Ecos de tango, art direction/choreographer/wardrobe/dancer                                                             


                  working with make-up, Colon Theatre, Buenos Aires, summer 1994

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