Courses - Private classes in Karlskrona

Marcela Troncoso  holds in Karlskrona Courses, Private classes, and Courses for Tango teachers. in cooperation with the Association Tango By The Sea_ Tango Blekinge.



  • To BEGINNERS 1 and 2, and INTERMEDIATES  who want to repeat the basics. Suitable also for advance dancers who want to learn the other rol
  • SUNDAYS, once a month,  16.00 - 17.20
  • VENUE: Hörsalen, Karlskrona Stadsbiblioteket
  •  DATES
    • 28 February
    • 1 May
    • 25 May
  • For more info/ registration:   Cecilia Linghäll


  • Availability for booking private classe on 28 February, 1 May, 25 May from 12.00 till 16.00
  • Other days /time, might be booked if there´s at least two other private classes in the same day
  • PRICES: 500 kr /hour.
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