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Tuesdays all year around, with short summer and winter break 

  • Premiere of the year:  second Tuesday  in February
  • Last edition in Summer season: last Tuesday in June
  • Premiere Winter season:  first Tuesday in August
  • Last edition of winter season : first or second Tuesday in December


Ungdomens Hus, Torpatan 21, sal 12, Malmö, near Triangeln, the main commercial area of Malmö, with many busses and train that connects with whole Sweden and Denmark  only five minutes walking.


  • 17.30-18.30: Beginners course or Special workshops.... check for more info:  
  • 18.30-19.30: OPEN CLASS, with theme announced in advance. Sometimes guest teachers .
  • 19.30-22.00: MILONGA. Occasionally with guest DJ, live music, or other cultural activities.

Programation for current season:

About La T Milonga:

  • PLACE:  UNGDOMENS HUS, THE YOUNG PEOPLE HOUSE,  is a traditional  place for arts and education in Malmö.  Many educative institutions are located in this mega building with access from three different streets.  Our dancing place has a wonderful wood floor, with windows in one side, and  mirrors i the other side.
  • NAME AND IDEA:   T  means TANGO, but also means TUESDAY, and  you might probably find out other associations. T   expresses in a minimalist way our enthusiasm and passion about tango from a very honest, pure, simple and opened-minded point of view. In the logo we added an small fragment of an emblematic masterpiece of art: The kiss by Klimt,  that so well symbolizes our  passion for tango, and the embrace .
    • La T Milonga aims to be an space open to all the teachers / dancers locals and from abroad, where everybody enjoys dancing, learning and sharing no matter level or origin.
    • We consider tango only one, with different manners of expression .
    •  Performances, guest artist,  DJS,  and other expressions of tango make  La T a  joyful space of happenings, where the connecting point is tango .
    • Being organized by a tango dancer, who also works  with visual arts and design, makes sense to include all the ways to express tango in our schedule.  
    • We play the best of traditional tango with some new tango/new orchestras 
  •  INFO:   find not only updated  information  about  La T Milonga , but also general information about Tango,  its history,  videos,  music,  and links to other sites. The site is in English, but we  answer you in English, Swedish or Spanish.


By mail:   or  

By phone,   0046 (0) 735 82 79 78  (Marcela) 



                                                                                     La T milonga


Martes durante todo el ano, con pausa en el verano en Julio y agosto


Ungdomens Hus, Torpatan 21, Malmö, cerca de Triangeln. Esta ubicada en la principal area comercial de Malmö, con multiples conexiones de buses cercanos y tren que comunica con toda Suecia, y Dinamarca, a solo cinco minutos caminando.



  • 17.30 - 18.30: Curso para Principiantes o Workshops especiales. ... Para mas info:
  • 18.30-19.30: clase abierta para todos los niveles, con tematica anunciada anticipadamente, y profesores invitados .
  • 19.30-22.00: MILONGA. Ocasionally with guest DJ, live music, or other cultural activieties. 






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